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Come experience the wonderful ambiance and savor delectable seafood at our restaurant located in Frederiksberg. The surroundings are designed to create a delightful atmosphere that encourages numerous memorable moments focused on the enjoyment of fish.

The restaurant on Smallegade, Frederiksberg

The restaurant on Frederiksberg is located in the heart of the cozy district, specifically on Smallegade, and therefore has Frederiksberg Garden, Gl. Kongevej, and Falkoner Allé as neighbors.

At our restaurant in Frederiksberg, we invite you into relaxed surroundings for any occasion. Whether it's for eating lobster for lunch on an ordinary Tuesday or to celebrate the weekend with good food and drinks, we look forward to welcoming you.


Smallegade 20B
2000 Frederiksberg


+45 69 16 18 16

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

We make good fish and seafood accessible to everyone

It all started in a blue food truck in 2017, where the dream was to serve fish in true street food style all over Denmark and get even more Danes hooked on our swimming friends.

It didn't take long before it really took off, and now even more Danes have become hooked on our fish, which is not only served at our restaurant in Frederiksberg but at five locations around Copenhagen.

The menu offers a sea of different options when hunger strikes, big or small. We serve everything from crispy fish burgers to fish & chips, lobster rolls, poké bowls, and much more for lunch and dinner. Our ambition is to make fish and seafood available to everyone, which means there's no room for bad experiences.

Therefore, we do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients we prepare and serve, and we always make an effort to make the most sustainable choices - for the ocean, the customers, and the business. We believe this gives the best taste in the mouth.

The taste of carefully selected ingredients

We always carefully select our ingredients. If you visit our restaurant in Frederiksberg and are served our salmon, for example, it is both certified and caught in the waters around the Faroe Islands.

The pollock we use in our Fish & Chips is also certified - and it's caught without the use of bottom trawls. Bottom trawls are large nets that are dragged over the seabed. By avoiding fish caught in this way, we ensure that we do not destroy or disturb the natural life on the seabed.

If you, like us, have a weakness for our lobster rolls, they can of course also be enjoyed with good taste in your mouth when you visit our restaurant in Frederiksberg. We only use certified lobster caught in open waters. In other words, good fish on the fork gives good taste in the mouth - and that is crucial to us when serving fish at our restaurants in Frederikberg, Nørrebro, Vesterbro, and Christianshavn.

A restaurant on Smallegade without fancy feelings

Our ambition to make good fish and seafood accessible to everyone not only means that we seek the best ingredients.

For us, accessibility also means that our restaurant in Frederiksberg is the place where you want to meet for a cozy and informal lunch or evening with friends and family. Therefore, the fancy feelings and the white tablecloth are packed far away at our restaurant in Frederiksberg - and instead, our restaurant in Frederiksberg exudes lots of life and down-to-earth atmosphere.

If you visit our lovely fish restaurant, you can look forward to a cozy weekday evening or festive Friday atmosphere in the best company in town.

A well-assorted drinks menu

If you're in the mood for a drink or two, we offer plenty of delicious drinks for that purpose. Try our cocktails on tap or share a well-mixed pitcher with the rest of your party.

Of course, it's also possible to quench your thirst with a cold beer or a good bottle of wine. At our restaurant in Frederiksberg, we serve beer brewed by the TO ØL brewery as well as carefully selected white wines.

Accompanied by your favorite fish and seafood dishes from the menu, you'll be in great company when quenching your thirst for lunch or dinner at our restaurant on Smallegade.

Quench your thirst at our Frederiksberg restaurant

If you're extra thirsty, or if you just love to taste a lot of different drinks, our 'All You Can Drink' will ensure you stay hydrated. Whether you want to add it to your feast menu or just order it as a single item from our menu, you can be sure you'll quench your thirst.

If you just want to stop by for All You Can Drink at our restaurant in Frederiksberg without ordering anything else from the menu, that's of course possible - but we warn you, once you're inside our restaurant in Frederiksberg, it can be hard to resist all our delicious fish burgers, lobster rolls, and snacks. Most people fall in love with the menu.

Friends hanging out at Hooked's eatery in Frederiksberg

Book your table - or stop by on Smallegade

If it's Monday, when Monday is at its worst, or if you just need a little help for lunch or dinner, you can always order your favorites as takeout from our restaurant in Frederiksberg.

If you want to experience the good atmosphere, we recommend stopping by our atmospheric restaurant in Frederiksberg. We look forward to welcoming you to lots of good food, delicious drinks, great mood, and being part of the good vibe. You can also have the food delivered as catering with our food truck, so you don't have to create the food yourself with various good recipes.

Do you need a little pre-taste of what you can expect from our restaurant in Frederiksberg? Then explore our Instagram and Facebook before you visit us.

Hosting a party? Rent a food truck or order catering from Hooked!

Friends hanging out at Hooked's eatery in Frederiksberg

A universe of recipes

From our restaurant in Frederiksberg, we serve all the best from the sea. But that's not the only place where you can find these small pearls from the sea. We have created a whole universe of recipes that you can try at home in your own kitchen.

If you have become hooked on the idea of eating more fish but lack inspiration and guidance, you can swing by our recipe universe when you're not visiting our restaurant in Frederiksberg. The universe is full of inspiration, good advice, plenty of recipes, and tips and tricks.

For example, how do you make oven-baked lobster tails, or what does it take to prepare a crispy and addictive fish burger? You can find answers to all that and much more when you explore our many diverse recipes.

If you're not a pro in the kitchen or simply prefer others to prepare your fish, you're always welcome to swing by our restaurant in Frederiksberg. We are ready with all the best from the sea and a little bit from the land as well. We look forward to welcoming you at our restaurant for a cozy moment in the sign of fish.

Welcome - and bon appétit.

Hooked's cozy café in Frederiksberg