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Hooked offers catering in Copenhagen and North Zealand. Send an inquiry and get a quote on our delicious lobster rolls, fish & chips and our other dishes.

Street food catering in Copenhagen and surrounding areas

Are you looking for catering in Copenhagen that is a little out of the ordinary? We offer catering and rental of our food truck in Copenhagen, North Zealand and the surrounding area, whether it's a birthday, corporate event, confirmation, wedding or something completely different. Catering is offered for events with min. 50 people. Service fee of DKK 4,000 ex. VAT.

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Please note that we only offer catering for events with min. 50 people, and that a service fee of DKK 4,000 ex. VAT.

Catering with Hooked in Copenhagen and North Zealand

Hooked delivers catering in Copenhagen, North Zealand and the surrounding area. You will therefore not only find great service and our crispy Fish & Chips at our restaurantsYou can have it delivered right to your door throughout Copenhagen and North Zealand. Get food delivered to your door for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, confirmations or anything else. Let us take care of the food, so you can focus on other parts of the party planning. We deliver to all of Copenhagen, North Zealand and the rest of Zealand. We have tailored our catering menu so that you can choose the package that suits your event.

A festive and different approach

If you live in Copenhagen or North Zealand, then ordering catering from Hooked for your next event is an obvious solution. You can simply sit back, get dressed up and look forward to welcoming your many guests with open arms - without the hustle and bustle of cooking.

Not only is it a convenient choice for you as a host, but it's also a fun and festive addition to your party in North Zealand or Copenhagen that guests are sure to enjoy. You can gather around our navy blue food truck, creating an informal and cozy atmosphere at your event.

At Hooked, we make a virtue of serving a tasty and delicious menu for you and your guests when you order catering, and we are really well equipped to do so, if we had to say so ourselves.

Every year, we cook for more than 100,000 guests in both Copenhagen and North Zealand at company parties, festivals, events and in our 5 restaurants. We know a lot about how to make the best and most delicious food for your party. In other words, we are the safe choice if you are looking for catering in the Copenhagen area.

If you are curious about our concept, events and tasty dishes, you are more than welcome to follow us on our Instagram or on Facebookbut be warned - we guarantee you'll be hungry for crispy fish!

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Hooked's different catering packages

If you want to order our delicious catering for Copenhagen or North Zealand, there are a number of different packages you can choose from, depending on what suits your needs and wishes.

For example, you can choose package 1, Fish & Chips, which consists of marinated dark cod in spicy, crispy panko, coarse fries with vinegar salt, homemade tartar sauce, pea/mint dip & lime.

If you prefer lobster when ordering your catering, we have the perfect package for you. Package 2, Lobster Rolls & Vinegar Fries, consists of butter-fried organic brioche filled with certified lobster, pickled celery, sour cream, lemon & chives. Served with coarse fries with vinegar salt & truffle mayo.

If you are looking for a slightly larger package, we have both a package 3 and 4 that has everything your heart desires. Package 3, Hooked Fish & Chips + snacks, consists of our popular mac & cheese croquettes with truffle mayo, crispy prawns with spicy mayo, mixed salad with goma and toasted sesame.

Package 4, Lobster Rolls, Vinegar Fries + snacks, consists of a delicious combination of our crispy and popular mac & cheese croquettes, shrimps with spicy mayo, mixed salad with goma and roasted sesame. In addition, we serve butter fried organic brioche filled with certified lobster, pickled celery, creme fraiche, lemon and chives - and as if that wasn't enough, you also get coarse fries with vinegar salt and truffle mayo.

If you want the best catering in Copenhagen or North Zealand, we think you should treat your guests to one of our delicious dishes prepared in our fine food truck.

Much more than just catering

We want to provide the best food experience that not only meets your needs but also surprises. Our catering in Copenhagen is therefore not just a normal catering, but you can have our well-known food truck delivered to your event. So surprise your guests with an extraordinary catering option.

The navy blue food truck can visit you in Copenhagen, North Zealand or the surrounding area and provide your event with lots of exciting seafood and delicious snacks. Everyone's needs are different, and we know that. That's why we've put together a range of different packages that cater for everything from the big event to the small.

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Company party, family celebration or student party?

With our catering solution, you can put together exactly what suits you and your upcoming event best. Are you having your entire high school class over for your graduation party, or are you organizing the next summer party at work and would rather not have to do all the cooking? Then a mobile solution like our food truck is just right for you.

You are welcome to drop by one of our restaurants in Copenhagento test taste the dishes you'll be serving to your guests. You can also see more on our menu card and and find your favorite fish dish.

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Whatever your event, we'd love to hear from you regarding a quote for catering for your event in Copenhagen. The possibilities are endless, and we will do our best to put together something that suits your needs.

Our catering selection consists of seafood from the menu, and we have put together a range of packages that are perfect for both large and small parties.

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