About us

Hooked is a casual seafood restaurant and a cozy gathering place for friends and family for everyday and festive occasions. We have been serving seafood made from good ingredients since 2016. Our vision is to make eating good seafood easy and accessible, which is why we are proud to offer a menu with varied and tasty seafood. Our service is friendly, warm and down-to-earth, because we believe this creates the best conditions for an enjoyable seafood experience.

Fresh and tasty fish since 2016

In 2016, we served the first portion of fish & chips from our blue food truck. Our concept is based on friendship, hard work and a vision to offer great seafood to all Danes.

Our dishes are always based on carefully selected ingredients, ensuring an excellent taste experience. At Hooked, we're proud to have created a place where everyone can enjoy fresh and tasty fish in a cozy environment - with no pretensions.

Find us

Nørrebrogade 59, 2200 KBH N

Restaurant Kødbyen
Halmtorvet 34, 1700 KBH V

Carlsberg Byen
Købkes Pl. 36, 1770 KBH

Smallegade 20B, 2000 Frederiksberg

Restaurant Christianshavn
Torvegade 22 1400 Copenhagen K

Restaurant Indre By
Klosterstræde 20, 1157 Copenhagen K

Food trucks for events and functions

At Hooked, you can also enjoy the bounty of the sea outside of our restaurants as we offer food truck rentals and catering. We're ready to serve fresh fish at all types of events and functions, so you can give your guests a meal to remember.

In addition, every summer we drive all over the country to festivals, events and other happenings. Even when the days get shorter and the nights longer, we deliver to corporate parties, weddings and much more.

Seafood restaurants throughout Copenhagen

You'll find our restaurants in Nørrebro, Christianshavn, Frederiksberg, Carlsberg Byen and Halmtorvet by Kødbyen. No matter where you visit us, you will always experience Hooked's relaxed and cozy atmosphere. We have spread our fish restaurants throughout Copenhagen, so there is always a fish restaurant close to you. 

We're constantly developing our menu with new fish dishes and meat-free alternatives to satisfy all kinds of cravings. In addition, you'll also find a wider selection of great cocktails, good beers and an understandable wine list in our seafood restaurants. 

Are you ready to get hooked on fish?

Our passion for fresh seafood and our desire to share our love of the sea with our guests makes us more than just a seafood restaurant - we are an experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our restaurants or at our next event. You can also enjoy our delicious seafood in the comfort of your own living room by ordering take-away directly from our website.

So are you ready to get Hooked?