Career at Hooked

Do you want to be part of the Hooked family and a workplace with lots of good mood, smiles on your lips, highfives and initiative?

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At Hooked you can already start your career at Hooked at the age of 15 years old. The first position will be as a Runner. As a runner you will get to do a little of everything such as: delivering food, washing up, kitchen preparation and aiding chefs and waiters during service.



Later in your employment as a Runner, there will possibly be a chance for you to work as a Kitchen Trainee in one of our kitchens. As a Kitchen Trainee you will be trained in cooking and assembling our food and aiding our Kitchen Crew. The prerequisite for becoming a Kitchen Trainee is, that you are already employed as a Runner and that you have turned 16 years old.

If you apply for the job from outside Hooked, we expect you to have work experience and that you have turned 16 years old. 


At Hooked it’s already a possibility to be a part of our Kitchen team when you turn 18 years old.  As a part of the Kitchen Crew you will be responsible of both preparing, cooking  and presenting the food.  Furthermore you will be responsible of cleaning and closing the kitchen together with your colleagues. On a daily basis you will also get ad hoc responsibilities from your Shift Leader.


As a Shift Leader you will get more responsibility in the kitchen. Your responsibility will be in a variety of work areas such as opening/closing the kitchen. One of your responsibilities will also be training of new Kitchen Crew. Furthermore you have to have the overview and be a leader in the kitchen, and make sure that all Hooked protocols are being followed.


As a Head Chef you have the whole responsibility for the whole kitchen. Besides your daily work tasks, you are also responsible for the Rota, hygiene protocols, participating in weekly meetings, orderings, contacting our suppliers and ensuring that the Rota is always filled. Furthermore you have the responsibility that the kitchen is always working optimally and the working hours are used effectively.


In this position you have the responsibility for 2-3 kitchens at Hooked. Which means that you both have physical shifts in the kitchens, but furthermore you have the responsibility for accepting the Rotas, giving feedback to the staff in the kitchens, organising weekely meetings, assiting the head chef and most importantly making sure the quality is upheld.



At Hooked you can already join our Front Of House team in an age of 18 years. As a Waiter your biggest responsibility is giving our guests a great experience. Your work areas include; welcoming guests into the restaurant, taking orders, recommend drinks/food and give them a welcoming- and personal service. Furthermore you will be responsible of opening and closing the restaurant, counting the till up and ensuring the restaurant is clean always.


As Assistant Manager, you are responsible when the Restaurant Manager is not at work. A significant part of your responsibility involves supporting the Restaurant Manager and ensuring that all tasks are completed in their absence. This includes training new staff, ensuring a high quality of service on the floor, and assisting the Restaurant Manager with tasks such as ordering supplies and much more. 


As Restaurant Manager it’s your responsibility that the level of service is always on it’s highest possible point and that all our guests are happy. Furthermore you are also responsible making the rota, orderings of drink and making sure the hygiene protocols are being followed. You also will be responsible of training the new waiters in Front Of House and have the responsibility of all waiters.


As an Executive Manager you have the overall responsibility for all of Hookeds restaurants. Which means you need to make sure that Hookeds standards are being upheld throughout all of Hookeds restaurants with a strong focus on both food and service. Your main task is perfect food and happy guests.